'MidiMessageCollector' jassert with no Audio Output Selected

So the Plugin is crashing on receiving a Midi Message and it’s a jassert in the MidiMessageCollector::addMessageToQueue

Now this is happening when there is no Audio Output Selected, if I select any Audio Output then there is no crashing.

This I think is because as far as I can make out, all incoming Midi Messages are Time Stamped using the Sample Rate of the Audio Output, so if there is no Audio Output selected then there is no Time Stamp on the Message and I get the jassert, am I on the right track here?

I am trying to write just a Midi Plugin, there is no Audio Input or Audio Output, so I guess my question is what is the best way to deal with this?

Is it:

a) Automatically select the first Audio Output whatever it is somewhere in the PluginProcessor so that it is impossible to select no Audio Output from the little Options Menu?

b) Some code that puts a default Time Stamp on any incoming MidiMessage, just to stop the crash?

c) Some code / Setting that tells the Midi Messsage Handling to just ignore the fact there are no Time Stamps?

d) Something I haven’t thought of?