Migration from Projucer/AppCode to CMake/CLion


I had been merrily working away over the last few years using Projucer and AppCode, often wondering if I should make the switch to CMake. Then JetBrains made their announcement that they were sunsetting AppCode, followed by my Mac auto-updating Xcode to v15 which the last version of AppCode doesn’t support. So this forced my hand and I’ve spent the last week trying out CLion and the JUCE CMake API.

Fortunately I was able to get things migrated relatively painlessly, which was a relief as I wasn’t relishing the thought of reverting back to Xcode and losing out on all the refactoring tools and ease of use I’d come to rely on from the JetBrains IDEs.

However, although CLion seems to offer the same or more than AppCode for C++ use, one thing it does appear to lack is the ability to parse the CMake build log and provide a tree view of warnings and errors that you can filter by severity etc. (like AppCode and Visual Studio). Instead you’re just given the text output of the CMake build, albeit with clickable hyperlinks to the relevant files/lines. The Problems window (which AppCode used for this) seems to be purely for the results from their static analysis inspectors and not the build itself.

Am I missing something or is this just the way CLion works? Posts on their forums seem to suggest that’s the case, and unfortunately the replies from JB don’t appear to suggest they have much intention of adding it. Certainly this makes the code/compile/fix-errors loop a lot more tedious so I just wanted to check I wasn’t missing a tool window or preference setting!

This is just how it is in CLion, I guess. I prefer the log file output personally - it was always a nonsense drilling into the tree, but ymmv…