Mini-Request: AudioProcessorGraph::Connection add default constructor

Could you add default constructor for AudioProcessorGraph::Connection?

Connection() = default;

without, it isn’t possible to use that type in a Array and use the bracket operator.

The bracket operator of Array returns a copy (hence the need for the default constructor). Would that be a problem for the Connection struct?

The bracket operator will return a default object when the index is out of range.

I don’t understand your question. @Daniel
I just wanna use Array<Connection> a; and then a[1], this is not possible without default constructor.

Could you please simply add Connection() = default; to the class?

I’m sorry, I was just wondering, if it creates a problem, when you use the copy returned from the brackets operator. Since the returned object is a Ptr, it might work, I am not sure.

About adding stuff to JUCE, I don’t have that power (never had, but especially since I left ROLI a while ago…)

Sorry if I distracted your request by my wondering…

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