Minimizing MDI windows?

Confused. :frowning:

I have a MultiDocumentPanel with a few MultiDocumentPanelWindows floating around inside it.

If I maximize one of these windows, I get the tab bar. Fair enough. Now I don’t see a way to minimize the windows again though, which also means I have no way to close them.

Further to that, if I wanted to add close buttons to the tab labels, ala Firefox, I’m screwed, right?

Also, if I have the useFullscreenWhenOneDocument() method set to true, and I add a second window, the first window drops out of maximize into a size that is equal to the maximized size + title bar and border chrome. The upshot is that the bottom right of the window is now off screen.

yeah, that’s all stuff that needs adding… I’ll note it down, but am up to my ears at the moment (almost literally - I’m in the middle of a big refurbishment of my flat, and the pile of rubble bags is currently about 5ft high), so it’ll be a few weeks before I’ve got any spare time for mucking around with things like this.


I’m a bit in the same case : I’m using a MultiDocumentPanel in MaximisedWindowsWithTabs layout mode.
But I’m not using MultiDocumentPanelWindows, just some basic Components.
Still no way to get a close button at the top of the tabs in that case?

Well you cal always subclass those MultiDocument components (that’s what i did) and add those buttons yourselves.


Looks great!

But how did you add those buttons?
Sorry if it’s a stupid question, but I did’nt manage to get the buttons at the top of the tabs.
If I use a simple setBounds (0, 0, 10, 10) for example, the button is “inside” the tab, not in the “title” part of it.
Thanks for any clue.

mostly you can do this using LookAndFeel class but i wanted something more so i just wrote my own classes that derive from those components
and add this functionality. I recommend looking at the juce source code, each component is in a speperate file, just copy that and add your own code.

Thanks for that precision.

I’m not too good at explaining things like that, i can give you the code i use it’s all gpl so feel free to re-use it

hey, Hey, HEY, HEY!!!

What’s all this cool stuff I see in the screenshot! LUA console? Devices? mini scrolling debug output in the top right? What’s goin’ on here, Mr. atom!!!