Minor Fix Needed for Batch Scripts

Hey there!

This isn’t really a huge issue for me since I don’t have any problems meddling with batch scripting at all, but the batch scripts within the tracktion_engine\tests\windows folder only search for an installation for the Community edition of Visual Studio 2017.

It’s easy enough to edit the line that checks for that binary, but maybe we should to add a couple lines in there to support for checking for Professional and Enterprise versions of the IDE, along with Visual Studio 2019? Or maybe have it in the setup instructions for Windows users to have the binary added to their system path, and check for that in the batch script first.


Yeah, finding the correct version of MSBuild.exe is messy on Windows as it can be in about 4 relatively unrelated places and only the professional version sets an environment variable as far as I can tell.

We could make this more robust but I think most users will be using the community version which is why we’ve optomised for that.

If you want to use a different version, you can set the MSBUILD_EXE variable before running the script though and it will use whatever path you set it to.

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