Minor Introjucer UX issue


New to JUCE.

I am using 'tip' and using VS2010 (on Win 7).

I was trying to save a project that I have created to another location. (to use as a template). In other words, I was trying to do a 'Project->SaveAs' from the main menu. Introjucer does nothing. No dialog, no message. I have created a patch to disable the 'SaveAs' menu item if there is no current document. If the desired funtionality is to allow 'Project->SaveAs', then it does not work. I tried a trivial implentation but the source files were not copied to the new location.

To see the issue: Run Introjucer, Select your Topmost node in the left pane, (Project Settings), Select SaveAs from the File menu.

To disable the menu at the appropriate times:

In jucer_ProjectContentComponent.cpp Line 764,

- result.setActive (currentDocument != nullptr || project != nullptr);
+ result.setActive (currentDocument != nullptr); // || project != nullptr);



Thanks - yes, there's no "save as" for projects, but good point, I'll make sure that the menu is disabled!