Minor request: Trigger live build process download when trying to enable compilation

It wasn’t an obvious journey figuring out that I had to download the live build stuff in order to enable compilation.

There’s no indication within the Projucer itself that you have to do this first, at least not until you dig around and hope to find something to trigger the download of the files.

I managed to find this https://juce.com/discover/stories/projucer-manual#8.-live-build-engine , but still it could have been just a hint more obvious from the UI.

If you open the live-build tab on the right-hand side here:


it will display a download button if you don’t have the .dll installed.

As I mentioned, this was not obvious and I don’t believe this is as discoverable as it may seem. The Screwdriver + Wrench USSR button doesn’t explain what’s going on or why I should bother going there in the first place.

I still stand by my UX request of triggering the download of your DLL (or whatever file(s) needed) when the Build->Enable Compilation menu button is clicked.