Missing framerates

Can I suggest that the high framerates used by Pro Tools (and some high profile films) are added to the enum?

/** Frame rate types. */
enum FrameRateType
    fps23976        = 0,
    fps24           = 1,
    fps25           = 2,
    fps2997         = 3,
    fps30           = 4,
    fps2997drop     = 5,
    fps30drop       = 6,
    fps60           = 7,
    fps60drop       = 8,
    fps47952        = 9,
    fps48           = 10,
    fps50           = 11,
    fps5994         = 12,
    fps5994drop     = 13,
    fps100          = 16,
    fps11988        = 17,
    fps11988drop    = 18,
    fps120          = 19,
    fps120drop      = 20,
    fpsUnknown      = 99

TBH, I wish that wasn’t an enum but a small structure that had a flag to know if it’s a drop rate or not, and that the frame-rate value wasn’t fixed.

Regardless, you have mistakes in there: 59.94 is 60 fps with a dropped frame (fps60drop). Likewise for 47.952 (which should be fps50drop), 119.99, etc.

No, that list is perfectly correct.
59.94 has nothing to do with drop frame. It is 60fps running at ntsc speed.
drop frame is just a numbering system and can be applied to any of the multiple-of-30 timebases, but none of the others.
This is a common mis-understanding.

That is the list which is necessary to work with Pro Tools framerates.

It seems proper AAX SDK is now out so can we have this added :slight_smile:


That would be amazing. +1

Hey ttg, was that a joke?

No. There’s an updated aax sdk that supports new frame rates above which are used by some developers.

oh ok my bad i didn’t read the whole thing :wink: i thought that there would be a chance for Juce to provide us aax sdk soon …

Thanks for your patience.

I’ve overhauled the framerate type so that it can represent a broader range of rates:

All the wrappers that are framerate-aware now use this new framerate representation:

Please try out these changes and let us know if you run into any unexpected behaviour.


Fantastic, thankyou kindly.