Missing override keyword in AudioThumbnail


AudioThumbnail could have the 'override' keyword added for all the overrided AudioThumbnailBase methods

Thanks, I'll tidy that up!

Thanks for that, but I think you forgot the reset() function:

juce_modules/juce_audio_utils/gui/juce_AudioThumbnail.h:104:10: warning:
      'reset' overrides a member function but is not marked 'override'

Thanks - fixed!

Not sure if I'm bugging you or if it's fine to report them, but here are a few other ones :

ButtonPropertyComponent ::buttonClicked
SliderPropertyComponent::sliderValueChanged (Slider*)

btw here are also some exp(), log(), pow() that I thought you perhaps wanted to replace by the std ones :

in SimpleDeviceManagerInputLevelMeter::paint :
(float) exp (log (level) / 3.0)

in javascript MathClass :
static var Math_e         (Args)   { return exp (1.0); }

in Slider Pimpl setSkewFactorFromMidPoint
 skewFactor = log (0.5) / log ((sliderValueToShowAtMidPoint - minimum)
                                            / (maximum - minimum));

in Slider::proportionOfLengthToValue :
exp (log (proportion) / skew);

in Slider::valueToProportionOfLength :
pow (n, skew);

in ImageConvolutionKernel::createGaussianBlur :
exp (radiusFactor *

and a last tiny thing while I'm here : 
in Label::colourChanged(), I thought you could perhaps add something as :
setOpaque (findColour (backgroundColourId).isOpaque());

What are you using to get these warnings? I couldn't get the -Winconsistent-missing-override flag to work for me in Xcode

me neither to be honest :)

those are just a collection of small things I stumble upon from time to time and that I have noted down.
one I just saw in SettableTooltipClient :
"virtual String getTooltip()" should be "String getTooltip() override" (getTooltip() is in TooltipClient)

Yes, it should! Thanks!

//[UserMethods] – You can add your own custom methods in this section.
void timerCallback();

‘timerCallback’ overrides a member function but is not marked ‘override’

any help?

just add “override” to to your declaration (i.e. in your header):

void timerCallback() override;



Many thanks daniel :slight_smile: