Mistakes in Documentation and Tutorial Referring to MidiBuffer

Hello there,

I’ve been using Juce for a while. I wanted to create a midi effect plugin.
I went over to the tutorials and read
In the tutorial, it says to loop over the MidiBuffer& midi as such:
(line 84) for (const auto metadata : midi)
However, this is marked as an error. I see that MidiBuffer has no begin() function, and therefore cannot be used in a foreach loop.
I look over to the documentation.
It says that MidiBuffer has a begin, end, cbegin, and cend functions.
I look over to the source code on my computer. No such functions.
I update my Juce to Juce v6.0.1

If this is a mistake in documentation, then I’d like it to be fixed, and I’d like to know how do you loop over the midi buffer.
If it’s a mistake in the source code, could you please send me a version with those functions?

Thanks for your help,

Sounds to me like you’re still directing your project (via the Projucer, I assume) to JUCE modules from an older version. Make sure you both use a new version of the Projucer and make sure it’s set up correctly to look at your new path.