Mobile apps - In App purchases, pro+free versions or full app?

I’m considering adding In-App purchases to the app I’m developing. This seems to be the best way of monetising mobile apps, according to statistics around the net. I’m wondering whether this still holds for specialised / niche audio apps.

Does anyone here have experience of releasing free and pro versions of an app, or using In-App Purchases? I’d be interested to hear of peoples experiences. Of course, releasing just one app at a given price is the simplest, however I’d like to make my app available to as many users as possible, and many people are put off by having to pay before they try an app out.


What you’ve kinda described is indeed the most common way of handling paid apps with limited features as a “trial”. You want to make a single app that has unlockable “pro” features via an in-app purchase. This way, it’s faster/easier for the customer to pay to upgrade the app, and it’s easier for the developer to have to maintain only one distribution.

What I would do for a standard audio app - say a synth - would be to allow full standalone app functionality for free, then allow the user to purchase AudioBus/Ableton Link/other external protocol support as a “pro” bundle via an in-app purchase. This allows users to get a solid feel for the entire app, then if they want to actually use it for compositions in GarageBand or something they pay for it.

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