Mobile Google Maps Integration?

Just thinking out loud and wondering if anybody has played around with integrating a Google Maps view with geo markers in their app?

I haven’t a goal in mind, but did realise that most things I do on mobile involve some kind of Google Maps view (eg location in regular view, sometimes with a path and/or markers of various kinds). Aside from the obvious, apps like Uber, AirBNB, Untappd, and even various sports apps use this kind of view - apps with large user databases.

Having such a feature feels like it would open the door to different ideas than audio-centric things. Too large an idea for the Roli backlog perhaps…

I have in the past integrated OpenStreetMaps, it’s pretty easy since you can just fetch the tiles as png and draw them. However, everybody expects vector maps these days. I haven’t checked if that’s possible with OSM. As well it doesn’t have all the fancy routing and POIs. But they have a lot more trails. Something to consider.

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I’m curious about speed and such… guess I’ll have to poke at it! Cheers