Modal ResizableWindow "dances" when made visible

In a certain sequence of normal client calls, a sequence of Juce-only code causes a ResizableWindow to “dance” on screen:

Client code:

ResizableWindow* w = createMyWindow (); // visible but not on desktop
w->addToDesktop ();

Juce call sequence:

  1. Component::addToDesktop
    styleWanted == 25 (16 + 8 + 1)
    The window appears on screen before internalHierarchyChanged() with a native title bar and no small icon
  2. Component::internalHierarchyChanged
  3. DocumentWindow::parentHierarchyChanged
  4. DocumentWindow::lookAndFeelChanged
  5. ResizableWindow::lookAndFeelChanged
  6. Component::addToDesktop
    During this call the window is removed, and reappears with a native title bar and a small icon.
    This causes the “dancing” effect

There is a workaround, which is to create the window as non-visible. But I consider it a bug that there is a code-path through Juce that causes the window to appear, disappear, then reappear, from a single client call into the Juce library.

There is nothing fancy about my window, its a simple modal dialog. Here’s the constructor:

SettingsWindow::SettingsWindow (CoreView& coreView)
: DialogWindow (TRANS("Settings"),
, CoreComponent (coreView)
  SettingsPanel* contentComp = new SettingsPanel (coreView);

  setOpaque (true);
  setResizable (true, false);
  setDropShadowEnabled (false);
  setUsingNativeTitleBar (true);

  // must happen AFTER setUsingNativeTitleBar()
  //Component::addToDesktop (getDesktopWindowStyleFlags());
  //addToDesktop ();

  // must happen after addToDesktop()
  setContentOwned (contentComp, true);

  centreWithSize (getWidth(), getHeight());
  //setVisible (true);

  enterModalState ();

This did not happen in the latest pre-modules tip.