Modern Gui

Hi Jules,

I was wondering if you plan to modernize the juce GUI system .

Now that the OpenGL renderer is ready, we can imagine components transitions, 3D animations etc…

I was quite impressed by the Blackberry “Cascades” lib (done by, take a look :

(not to mention WP7 Gui etc.)

Yes, I do intend to eventually find time to sit down and have a good think about all that kind of thing!

Nice !

Do you know any other implementation of these concepts ( layers, transitions, animations).

QT, … ?

Metro-like interface suck, IMHO (or, at least, isn’t useful for everyone).

It would be great to have Haiku GUI functions instead (vector icons, windows stack&tile, etc).

Wach these videos:
Haiku OS : “A more manageable multi-window interface”
Haiku OS : “Multi-platform document-oriented GUIs”

Hope that inspires !