ModifierKeys: can modifiers be ignored?


I have many commands declared via the ApplicationCommandTarget methods. They use no modifiers. All works fine.
However, now I’d like to have the same commands, but with a Shift modifier (this is to enlarge a selection).
I’d like to link two commands to the same action, and test the shift presence only afterwards. But it doesn’t seem possible because the modifier declaration is mandatory, when declaring an action.

I could do something like:
result.setInfo(translate("Move cursor left")......);
result.addDefaultKeypress(KeyPress::leftKey, ModifierKeys::noModifiers);
result.addDefaultKeypress(KeyPress::leftKey, ModifierKeys::shiftModifier);

But then I have double entries in the Keyboard list for the same action, which is not user-friendly.
I’d like something like:
result.addDefaultKeypress(KeyPress::leftKey, ModifierKeys::noModifiers || ModifierKeys::noModifiers ||);
But it obviously doesn’t work this way.