Modifying a binary file

I am working on a programme that generates VST plugins based on simple text files. It’s all very simple, I have a dummy dll that gets copied and renamed so it appears that a new dll has been created. Anyway, the problem is that each VST plugin has the same ID which causes problems on OSX. What I’d like to do is open the dll as a binary file, find the plugin ID and change it to something unique. Can anyone give me with some advice on the best way to go about this? I know it’s not going to be pretty but it should be possible right?

I probably should have said that I was looking for advice on how best to do this using native JUCE classes. In the I end I was able to achieve my goal using an fstream object.

For small files like that, the easiest way is probably just to load the whole thing into memory with a MemoryBlock, twiddle the bits, and then dump it out. There are methods in File to make the loading and saving easy.

Sounds like a plan. Cheers.