Monospaced fonts are not monospaced

The typeface name returned for getDefaultMonospacedFontName() and the resulting Font() object are not monospaced, and break how the CodeEditor component wokrs, i double checked it in Introjucer by clicking a .cpp file, and it’s the same (screenshot attached)

Thanks, will take a look. This is obviously a platform-specific problem, so are you using windows 8?

Umm… No, can’t reproduce that on my win8 machine. What fonts does it list?

Yes i’m on windows 8 - x64, that worked a git-revision ago, it was broken when i did an update today. Here is the list of fonts that is shown (it’s kinda short?). I also deleted all the settings that Introjucer writes and re-built it, it still shows a non-monospaced font when i open a project:


Ah… Sorry, I was running an older build on my win8 machine. Thanks, will get that fixed asap.

Fixed now.

Thank you it’s working now.

This seems to be broken for me again on Windows, this time in Juce 6?

Basically: code editor isn’t displaying properly, despite requesting monospaced font.
Is fine on iOS/macOS (not yet tested on Android).

NB: the UI works fine provided I do the following in my AppConfig.h file…

#define JUCE_USE_DIRECTWRITE 0 // Fix drawing of Monospace fonts in Code Editor!

So… the bug is related to JUCE_USE_DIRECTWRITE being enabled.

I hope that helps!

Best wishes,