More iOS AUv3 AlertBox and keyboard ponderings

I’ve spent the entire weekend trying to get a keyboard in the AUv3 for naming presets, and discovered the following points:

  1. There doesn’t seem to be any method by which an editable label or TextEditor can trigger a keyboard in a sandboxed AUv3.

  2. None of the alert boxes work… (Not surprising, considering they are top-level windows, and not owned by the AUv3 view.

Those two things are not surprising. What is surprising is this: if I create a normal AlertWindow, and add a text editor box to it, it will spawn a keyboard in an AUv3. You can’t see the alert, but you can see the keyboard, edit the value, and hit return to get the value.

So my question is thus: why can an AlertWindow spawn a keyboard yet not be visible, yet a visible text label or text editor not spawn a keyboard?

A fix for this is now on develop (see this commit).

Excellent, thank you!

Hey, Fabian, just wanted to let you know I pulled the Develop branch to test this, and it works perfectly. Keyboard showing as expected. Thank you!