More than 2 configurations in XCode?

By default the introjucer creates Debug and Release.
However, I added Debug-Demo and Release-Demo.
In Viosual studio this works more or less because I can select the build I want and build.

However in XCode this is more problematic as I have to create a new scheme that uses these configurations.
Creating a new scheme = added to the pbx, which is overwritten by the introjucer.

Is there a solution to this?

  • bram

TBH the whole Xcode scheme vs config thing seems like an incredibly confusing design to me. Maybe it’d be possible to create set of schemes for each config, but is that how they’re supposed to be used?

I think so… Because for each scheme you can select which configuration for debug/release you want.

[quote=“Apple”]An Xcode scheme defines a collection of targets to build, a configuration to use when building, and a collection of tests to execute.

You can have as many schemes as you want, but only one can be active at a time. You can specify whether a scheme should be stored in a project—in which case it’s available in every workspace that includes that project, or in the workspace—in which case it’s available only in that workspace. When you select an active scheme, you also select a run destination (that is, the architecture of the hardware for which the products are built).[/quote]

  • Bram