More widgets and libraries


some time ago, I played around with Qt and liked all the libraries and extensions its community offers - things like e.g.

Is JUCE similarly equipped? Is there e.g. a comparable library for plotting and data visualization? A short google search did not really help me out. Is there a resource that lists the most popular community libraries? I could only find



Maybe one day when everyone realizes how awesome JUCE is. :) I've done a lot of searching around and haven't found many 3rd party JUCE modules, widgets, or anything like that. If you get lucky you might find some projects using what you need, but that's usually hard to find if there is anything. We users need to promote JUCE more so it's community will grow. I think I've already gotten a few people trying it out in the short time I've used it. 

Very often, I find myself doing things I know must have been implemented many times in JUCE.

One thing that helps is to find the function you might be overriding, then search on Google with "github" at the end.  That has saved time on rare occasion.

Other than that, I don't know of much outside of what's listed on the links you listed.

I do have one to add, the TeragonAudio website: