Mouse Click Grabs focus on individual parameters!

Hello I have set that my plugin window setWantsKeyboardFocus(false); and setMouseClickGrabsKeyboardFocus(false);
but the individual parameters are grabbing focus and clicks but not mouse wheel events. Any Ideas how to proceed? Clicking the UI itself does not have this effect

What are your parameters? Are you using sliders? Sliders specifically don’t ask for keyboard focus, so I wouldn’t know what’s going wrong if you are using sliders.

This is a vstgui vet embedded in a juice host the vstgui is grabbing focus onMouseDown or on click I asked on the vst forum as well

Well we really don’t have any control over the elements in a vstgui. They can take the keyboard focus if they want to.

I just re-read what I wrote makes no sense lol. Everything is all good now that I properly setup the main window to handle all the keyboard focus, but 32 bit vst on OS X is eating all the keys I’m assuming it has something to do with carbon.