Mouse events in MagnifierComponent

Hi Jules,

I was toying with the MagnifierComponent, and noticed that my magnified buttons were not hilighted correctly (especially those who are far from the origin). Looking at the notifications they receive, it appears that they are getting endless mouseEnter and mouseExit messages (instead of mouseMove), with the coordinates supplied in the mouseExit being not correct. It looks like the mouse enter/leave messages are caused by an alternation between the main window component peer, and the the MagnifyingPeer , but that’s the point where I get lost :slight_smile:

(I also noticed that the resampling quality is hardcoded in the magnifier paint member function, making it a parameter would be a good idea !)

Oh, all that fake peer stuff gets pretty complicated! I’ll take a look soonish. I really only wrote it for the jucer, which explains why it’s not got a lot of customisable features!