Mouse problems: VST on Mac

Check this short video out from one of the beta testers. There are two problems:

  1. the tooltip appearing way off the right location (25 seconds in), and 
  2. the mouse-over on the button not being removed after the mouse moves away from the button (18 seconds in).

The letters on are being highlighted using the isMouseOver feature of paintButton(..).  It's very simple code.  

The problem only affects the VST build (2.4) on the Mac.   I haven't tried VST3 yet.  It doesn't affect the PC or the audio unit build. 

I've also hit a similar problem with dragging files out of the VST mac plugin where the mouseup isn't being spotted.  Though I have an ugly work-around in for that at the moment. 

Has anyone else seen unusual behaviour with mouse handling in VST2 on the Mac? 

This might be an ableton issue on further investigation...!