Mouse wheel position in Parallels

Anyone having any trouble with the mouse-wheel position?

In my Parallels Windows 7 install, all of the incoming WM_MOUSEWHEEL events are stamped with the wrong Y position, off by 256 pixels… Other kinds of mouse events seem fine. I guess this is a mouse-driver bug, but just wondered if anyone had experienced anything similar, as one or two Tracktion users mentioned an intermittent problem where their mouse-clicks were offset vertically, which sounds similar.

no, this works like a charme! Parallels has several problems when it is not correctly configured.
I work myself on a macbook retina with parallels 7 on mac osx 10.8 and the mouse wheel positions are correct. My collegue has the same macbook but another parallels configuration an he has wrong coords on serveral software systems (he hasn’t tried JUCE until now) :wink:
So, this is not JUCEs fault. It is an overall Parallels problem.