mouseWheel sensitive mode

Sensitive mode by holding ctrl and drag is implemented, but holding ctrl and mouseWheelMove is not. I personally have no problem with that because i’m aware of it anyway, but i often notice in released plugins of other developers that they don’t have mouseWheel sensitive mode so i guess it would make sense to add this feature to juce’ default parameters.

I’m also wondering if it wouldn’t be cool to have a more flexible sensitive mode system in juce. i once read a post that showed the formular that is generally used and i wondered if it wouldn’t make more sense to have a system similiar to how the parameters in the apvts are defined, with the lambdas describing the way it is skewed and stuff. such a lambda could descibe the way something should act in sensitive mode. giving the programmers an optional argument for such a lambda while creating a parameter in the gui would make developers also more sensitive about the importance of sensitive mode in general.

especially when developers start making custom parameters, like xy pads, it often gets clear that they didn’t think that through completely. maybe they copy some design from another plugin but without sensitive mode small xy pads are no good to use. while this is ofc in some way every developer’s own fault (or design decision but as i said i don’t believe they decide against it on purpose) i think juce could also help them there in the way i described above, making every juce-user collectively more powerful.