MovieComponent vs DirectShowComponent

Can you make the method names between these two classes match? So then I can do something like:

juce::DirectShowComponent movieComp;
#elif JUCE_MAC
juce::MovieComponent movieComp;

And then in the .cpp file all the code will be the same.


Yeah, that was going to be my next move in refactoring those classes.

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That’s something I always wondered and kept me from getting enthused about the JUCE video classes - there should just be a standard cross platform “play a movie with scrubbing + frame grabbing” component. The way it’s split by platform doesn’t feel very JUCE-like.

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Yep. I kind of remember there being some reason why they ended up being done differently years ago, but it’s certainly something that will get tidied up now!

Hello, @jules! I found MovieComponent which was replaced instead of QuickTimeMovieComponent. I am just excited that I can use that stuff. But still it is not allowed in stable version 4.3.1. Would you let me know when you are going to launch new version with MovieComponent?

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