Moving project from Mac Xcode to Windows VS2019

Hey all, running into an issue porting a Mac Xcode project to Windows VisualStudio2019, building VST3.

I made a new project with the Projucer in Windows VS using all the same source / resources as the Mac build. The plugin builds and runs, but it seems like it’s having problems drawing one specific image that is stored in binary, and a feedback parameter breaks the audio at high feedback levels (where that does not happen under same test conditions on Mac build).

Is there something I’m missing porting a juce project from Mac over to windows? What could cause these problems? Thanks!

Was the Mac project also creating using the Projucer? If so, you don’t need to re-create the .jucer project on Windows – you should be able to open the .jucer file that was created on MacOS using the Projucer on Windows, and from there you can add the VS2019 exporter to the project and open it in VS2019.

Yes, that’s what I did initially and got these bugs, so I “recreated” the .jucer just to be safe and still ran into the same issues.

Ah, sorry, I misunderstood that bit. Just a guess, but you might check to see if there are any settings in the Xcode exporter (preprocessor definitions, etc) that need to be added to the VS exporter.

For the image drawing issue, is the image rendering incorrectly, or failing to show up at all? What image format is being used?

All the exporter settings are the same I believe, I thought it was an issue copying but I’m not sure. So strange because the audio bug only happens in this one test case, I’m unable to replicate it in any other way. As for the image, it’s two PNG images for an image button, seems like it’s rendering incorrectly for both in the same way (missing small chunks from a circle). This one is more minor but I’m still curious what the root issue is for these bugs.

Thanks for your replies!