MP3AudioFormat produces values outside of [-1.0:+1.0]

Hi there,

I realised that for some mp3 files i have, using the MP3AudioFormat to decode return some samples with values beyond [-1.0:+1.0], while other decoders (CoreAudio or Windows one) don’t. Somebody has observed that already?
Not an issue for me at the moment but i think it could be worth raising it. I don’t know where do the mp3 files producing these results come from (and especially how they were encoded), but can provide some of them if some Juce people want to have a look.

Apologies if this has been raised already, but I tried to find related issues on the forum and had no luck.


Please provide a file - I’ll have a look.

I’ve had a look, and, unfortunately, I can’t see anything obvious.

Whilst JUCE’s MP3 decoder is useful to have it isn’t fully standards compliant. The usual caveat applies too - I’m most certainly not a lawyer, and I cannot suggest its use in any serious projects unless you are paying for an MP3 license. If you’re working on OS X or Windows I would use their native decoders.


Thanks Tom for your investigations and suggestions.