MPEInstrument no modulation messages while note release?

I’m using the MPEInstrument class to use the MPE features in a plugin that has it’s own synthesizer code and listen to the messages with it’s listener callback. Nice abstraction by the way. Very simple :slight_smile:

It works well, expect in the case the note releases. I don’t receive any messages after the note off events. Is this by design or do i something wrong? I’m using the seaboard for testing, but also received the feedback from a beta tester that uses a self made controller.

I think about a guitar controller where you can modulate the pitch after the note was released.

You can’t modulate a note individually after it has been switched off as it can no longer be addressed by the channel, but you can modulate all notes in a specific zone by sending a message to the zone’s master channel (1 for the lower zone and 16 for the upper).

Thanks for the information. That makes sense, also it seems that there are some synths out there that support that.