MS VC++ 2010 or MS Visual Studio 2013 Express?

I still like to work with Visual C++ 2010, because it's faster on my old laptop. I also have Visual Studio 2013 Express, which integrates nicely with my Git setup, but I still prefer to work with the first one with Tortoise Git.

Is there any reason to go for more recent compilers, like better support for caching, multi-threading, etc., or can and should I just keep using this old IDE because I like it more?


I've found that a transition from VS2010 to VS2012 was progress, but mostly due to Intellisense and various C++ feature implementations. Every new version that comes out seems to get better and better (VS2014's internal bugs aside, it's pretty decent). Also, static code analysis was a new comer to the suite with VS2012 - and it's really handy! Do note that it's only available in all other versions except Express.

Much progress has been done in the debugger end of things in VS2013, and even more C/C++ features were put in there. Also, the IDE is getting smarter with more  workflow addition like peek definition ( and way better code tracking ( which I can't do without anymore!

Here's a list of C++ specific reasons why VS2013 is better than VS2010: . Supposedly, it generates all-around better code now.

Thanks very much for your ellobarate reply!