Im sure you guys use instant messangers…

we should all add each other so we can spread information quicker to complete specific tasks… would make progress quicker and the forum more dedicated to JUCE problems than our own idiotic messups :slight_smile:

actually I don’t.

The only messenger I use is eyeball chat, which really sucks as an IM client, but utterly storms as a videoconfi/audio conf client.

my AIM is “ModuLR” (duh) heheheh… I use it, but I go thru waves were I might not be responsive because of stuff going on at work (so don’t be offended if I fail to respond, or suddenly stop responding).

I must say it’s been great talking to modulr, we actually got some stuff done :slight_smile:

cmon valley, get gaim or somethin :slight_smile:

Well it wont be tonight anyway. I’m running a new power circuit to drive the lights in my studio, so the house power is going to be off, and I’m going to be crawling around in the worlds smallest and grubbiest attic.

I’ll look into getting a chat client tomorrow.

If you have a webcam or mic though, Eyeball Chat rocks.

I use Trillian…

BTW it was good chatin’ at you Robert… 8)

evil trillian :slight_smile:

when you have time modulr, Ill go over the whole polymorphism thing with ya… I got it all figured out earlier today, not complicated at all really