-mstackrealign unrecognized - ubuntu on Arm SBC


I'm doing some debugging on Bananapi ARM device, using Code::Blocks. When I try to build in Code::Blocks i need to delete the -mstackrealign option.

Everything seems to be working fine but I'm worried that -mstackrealign might be important ( I could't find much information about it on the web, at least not information that was understandable ).

Am i missing some apt-get package possibly?

Using "make" without codeblocks builds fine.


Thanks for any info,


mstackrealing will add fake push and pop instructions at the beginning and end of a function to align the stack to the CPU's word size. This will typically increase performance but is not available (or doesn't make any sense) on some CPUs. See, for example, this here. I think you can safely remove it on your platform. 

That's reassuring. Thanks for the feedback.