MSVC 2017 - JuceDemo Transforms menu

(as described in the JUCE breaking changes doc) the Transformed Menu apears in a strange place (and very small?)
I’m not sure if the doc reflects what the Demo does or if it’s supposed to be functional in JuceDemo

It’s supposed to look like this:

As the menu is a real native window, it needs to be rectangular.

Sorry, I should have grabbed an image… but try this: Drag that top left Ear/Tag down and to the right, and the top right Ear to the bottom left (ought to see the TOP Menu Bar On the RHS, and reversed, so it looks like you’re viewing the page from behind)… On my machine, when you hover over the Look-and-Feel menu it appears (REALLY TINY) outside the main window. I’ll try to grab a picture

The menu is that tiny blip in the top left corner

(wasn’t sure if you noticed the {highlighted in red in to image above… See top left of image}. note, to recreate my example, just drag the top left corner towards the bottom right of window, hand hove over the menu).