Multi(MIDI)Channel Synth Plugin, Parameters and UI

Hi all,

i am making some progress on my (eternal) course of building a synth AU (or VST) and just stumbled across this problem. Actually it is not a problem as it surely has been solved a thousand times…I just like to ask you how you would deal with this situation.

Here we go: a synth (engine works already) with 10 (or so) parameters controllable with sliders. So far I can deal with it. But now I’d like this synth to respond to 16 midi channels, on each channel different parameter settings. Setting the parameters is no problem but i wonder if there is a “best practise” how to solve the interaction between the 16 synth channels, their parameters and the UI ? The UI is naturally showing a set of parameters for ONE channel… i guess i would place a dialer for the midi channel on the UI… supposed i have 10 parameters for a channel, i’ll have to setup a total of 160 parameters, so saving/loading parameters from/to host application would work, right ? But what about UI<->parameter interaction ? Are there any recipies or components that do this automatically ?

Thanks for any thoughts…