Multi out synth tutorial runs as empty window


I’m trying tu run the multi-out synth plug-in from Juce tutorials, via Visual Studio 2019. The IDE builds the x64 .exe but it runs with no content in the window. I’m downloading the ZIP on and just compile and run. Nothing happens. Is anybody having this problem? Thanks.

That is a plugin example, there isn’t an .exe generated, it’s a dll that needs to be loaded by a piece of software that can host plugins (a DAW for example).

The plugin example, generates an exe for an standalone plugin.

doh! my bad. :frowning:

So the issue is already opened with the example provided by JUCE not working.

The example is working as intended. There are no custom GUI elements, so you will get an empty window with the stand alone application build. The screenshots in the tutorial page are a bit misleading, they are taken from some host application that provides the additional window elements for the plugin.

Oh… You mean then that only logic and audio processing is coded with no GUI elements… Now I understand. My fault dont have a look at the rest of the code missleaded by that images