Multichannel input while using tracktion engine as plugin

Hi, I’m working on a project where I need to use tracktion engine inside a plugin and in which in want to feed 6 audio channels to the engine and output 6 channels as well. As a use case example, we can imagine getting 6 inputs into 6 engine tracks, applying a different audio effect to each track, and outputting the processed inputs in separate outputs. My question is, how should I configure the plugin/engine to achieve that? So far I tried that:

AudioProcessor() : AudioProcessor (BusesProperties().withInput  ("Input",  AudioChannelSet::discreteChannels (6), true)
                                       .withOutput ("Output", AudioChannelSet::discreteChannels (6), true))

And also made “ isBusesLayoutSupported” always return true. But I still seem to be seing only one stereo input and output.

Any suggestions? Thanks!

In your plugin, you’ll want to do the following to setup the engine for 6 channels:

auto if = engine.getDeviceManager().getHostedAudioDeviceInterface();

HostedAudioDeviceInterface::Parameters p;
p.inputChannels = 6;
p.outputChannels = 6;

audioInterface.initialise (p);

I think your plugin setup looks correct.
You could also try setting {6,6} in the Projucer Plugin Channel Configuration. You may already have {2,2} there which is probably overriding what you are trying to do in the code.

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Thanks, works like charm :slight_smile: