Multimedia keys in KeyPress class

I was playing around with the Apple Remote in my BootCamp partition yesterday, and some of the multimedia keys work without doing anything special. However, JUCE only supports play/pause, stop, fast forward, and rewind keys.

I’ve messed around with the library, and it only takes adding a few lines in a handful of files to get support for more keys (like volume up/volume down). So, err, yeah, I guess that’s my feature request: more MM keys.

Yeah, I’ve got an apple remote now, and it’d be good to add support for that. Will do soon.

Great, thanks!

About the Apple Remote, I haven’t been able to get the Menu button to work in anything (not just JUCE apps) in Boot Camp. Just a heads-up.

FYI, I’ve just checked in some code that controls the apple remote (on the mac)…

{Leopard Bootcamp + ASIO4ALL still works, BTW}