Multiplatform event notification system

Hi Jules!

I hope you plan to implement a notification system in JUCE, so I want to help you by pointing at the right direction )))

Have a look at the libevent library located here
The last version is 2.0.7 (I don’t recommend you to use any lower versions since they are considered to be much slower)
It’s being distributed under the BSD licence so you can use it in JUCE with no worry.
It supports multiple operating systems, but I’m not sure about iOS that’s used on iPhone.

I hope it’ll be useful for you )

P.S. Oh! Alternatively you may take a look at another notification library called libev that’s claimed to has a somewhat higher performance than libevent. You can find it here

“libevent” is a terrible choice of name - “event” could mean anything, when what they’re actually talking about are “file change events”.

We’ve discussed file change callbacks elsewhere on the forum, and it was always more of a hassle than you’d expect it to be, mainly because it requires at least one thread to be running, so would be quite a lot of faffing around to implement…