Multiple audio devicese simultaneously

I am working on a mixer using juce and for hardware I am currently using Dante (focusrites Rednet) for main I/O. LIke a digital sank where the I/O is via a single ASIO device. Works well but all I/O is at the stage box and I would like to have headphone monitoring and talk back mic at the mix position. To do this I will need to talk to a locally connected device(with sample rate conversion) simultaneously with the Dante equipment.

Does Juce support 2 devices simultaneously using AudioIODevice?

Of course - you can open as many AudioIODevice objects as you like, as long as your drivers support multiple clients.

Maybe I miss-understand. I thought multi-client was for multiple programs talking to the same device. I want one program to talk to multiple devices.

Sorry, yes, misread your post. That’s right, and of course it’ll be fine.