Multiple channels management


I’m trying to build up a plugin with 16 in/out channels and apply some processing to each channel. I’m struggling with the following problem: only the first output channel of the sixteenth is being changed. After many attempts, I have realized that the input buffers are not correctly read.

I have used the following configuration for setting the input and output buffers:

const float* channelInData0 = buffer.getReadPointer(0);
float* channelOutData0 = buffer.getWritePointer(0);
const float* channelInData1 = buffer.getReadPointer(1);
float* channelOutData1 = buffer.getWritePointer(1);

(each one for each channel, I don’t write it down here in order not to extend too much)

My problem also is that I can’t debug the code so I can’t see the values of this channelInData0, channelInData1, …

If somebody could help me out I’d really appreciate it! I’m kind of stuck and I’m lacking ideas.

Thanks even for reading me!