Multiple fiter graphs?

Hi Im wondering if is it possible in principle to have more than one FilterGraph active at the same time and to be able to mute/unmute them on the fly?
I’d like to load FilterGraphs created in the Audio Plugin Host into a music composition environment and then work with them a bit like max “patches”, where multiple ones can be running at the same time.

If i have just one graph loaded then things work great and i can mute/unmute it during playback by setting the filter player’s processor to NULL and then restoring the filterGraph’s graph to unmute it again (i hope thats the way i should be doing this…)

But things get weird once I load in a second graph, the loading works fine but it seems like the second graph has somehow taken precedence over the first, that is, I can mute/unmute the second graph, but if i try to mute the second and unmute the first (ie switch which graph i want to listen to) then I get no audio at all. (ive also tried implementing mute/unmute by removing/readding the graph’s audio/midi callbacks from the audio manager but that doesn’t seem to help.)

I notice that the Audio Plugin Host app doesnt let you have two graphs loaded at the same time at all so maybe this isn’t how the FilterGraphs are meant to be used Any ideas or help appreciated!


The filter graph itself can be used multiple times, but obviously you can’t have two graphs that both contain the same instance of a plugin. And you probably wouldn’t want to have two graphs both using audio or midi i/o devices, you’d want to put your graphs into a single top-level graph that has the i/o and mixes them together.