Multiple Plugin Editors

in one of tutorials is a notice: "There is only one plug-in processor whereas you can create multiple editors."
Does it mean that for example two (or more) editors can run in the same moment?
Can you tell me how can I try it in Cubase (or in another audio host)?
Thanks for answer

I don’t think any hosts would actually do this, but you should definitely write your code assuming that there could be 0, 1, or more instances of your editor component in existence at any point in time.

On OSX AULab can open multiple editors at the same time using Alt-Doubleclick on the insert slot. For Juce-based editors only the last one created works, but that is to be expected based on how the AU wrapper works. In AULab editors can be switched to the generic editor and when using that, it is possible to have a generic and a juce based editor open at the same time. This allows to verify parameter gesture events are correctly sent.