Multiple selection in FileChooser

HI all,

I’m trying tu use filechooser to get the selection of several files.

I have a problem to get the results from getResults() :
const OwnedArray< File > & getResults () const

I’m not really clear with the OwnedArray but I am abble to create one and add item… But I can’t find how to get the output of the getResults method.

I have declared : OwnedArray FileList
and tryied FileList=myChooser.getResults(); but i’ doesn’t compile…

Where can I find more about that (I’ve searche in these forum but found no answer to this particular question.) ?

Thanks in advance

It returns a reference - you don’t have to make a copy of the results, just use it directly, e.g. myChooser.getResults() [0], or myChooser.getResults().size()