Multithjreaded DJ app! FULL SOURCE!

Using JUCE, the objects in VFLib, and a pinch of external code I have put together a fully functional application demonstrating the basics of thread safety, audio i/o callback best practices, proper linking of GUI controls to the audio rendering pipeline, and exercising some of the JUCE audio processors.

The cool part is… no locking in the fast path! All CallQueue and Listeners.

This repository is FULLY SELF CONTAINED, no external dependencies. You don’t even have to download JUCE (or TagLib) - all is included!

[size=150]SimpleDJ in AppletJUCE[/size] (Source Code)

Or try the [size=120]Simple DJ Windows Executable[/size]


Added ThreadGroup (different from juce::ThreadPool), Semaphore, and ParallelFor objects, check this out:

// Process sources in parallel.
vf::ParallelFor().loop (m_sources.size(), &MixerImp::processSource, this);

Process all four decks simultaneously!

Hey Vinn,

Thanks for sharing code with all. It’s nice sample application. Not much aware with music and Djing but nice mixing it can give.