Muse Receptor windowing problem


Hi all,

I’m developing a VST plug-in that runs on the Muse Receptor device. It is basically a Linux machine that runs Windows VST plug-ins in a WINE environment.

I have my EditorComponent shown, then I call a AlertWindow::showMessageBox that displays a modal alert window on top of it.

If I click somewhere on the EditorComponent, the alert window (which is still modal) disappears, and then I am unable to act on the EditorComponent itself, because the alert window is not visible any more (may be behind the editor, but I’m not sure) but still is running its modal loop.

The same VST plug-in behaves correctly on all the Windows machines I’ve tested it onto, so I wonder if this may be a problem with the window management done by WINE.


Definitely. No idea how you’d go about tracking the problem down though… Have you tried making sure the alertwindow is set to be always-on-top?