Music computing PhD scholarship available at Western Sydney University

We have two funded PhD scholarships available at Western Sydney University related to music psychology and music computing. The outcomes of this research will be relevant to musical creativity and music therapy.

The music computing PhD may be of interest to members of this group.

Music Psychology: You will be conducting experiments exploring relationships between music and mental imagination. You would need experience in psychology/cognitive science and, ideally, an interest in music. More details here:

Music Computing: You will be applying insights obtained from the music psychology experiments to algorithmic music generation. You would need to have experience in coding, preferably in an environment suitable for music (which could include Max, JUCE, Python, etc.) and, ideally, an interest in music. More details are available here:

The deadline for applications is end of August.

Steffen Herff and Andrew Milne The MARCS Institute for Brain, Behaviour and Development, Western Sydney University Sydney Australia

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