My "Á É Ő Ó Ü Ö etc.." characters are disappeared

It was worked before but now somehow they are gone. Im tried to make some XML save stuff but deleted it. I didnt changed anything with the fonts

Test project? Demo with screenshots? Any idea as to what fonts you’re using? When was the last time you saw this work? And where?

It’s pretty hard to guess without more details.

Are you saying you didn’t change the font itself?
I ask because some free fonts leave out the accented and special chars, so you would have to buy them.
Which seems fair TBH.

That’s because these characters no longer exist since Brexit.

(just kidding!!!)


Also, since we are guessing due to a lack of information:
If you used those characters in XML, they are not allowed except in quoted strings. Maybe it worked by accident before.

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Solved by deleted and remade the cpp which contains the commands.