My company's transition away from JUCE

Which email did you contact? I can’t see anything related to this in our records.

It was at the end of February 2019

I just did. I said I could do what they are doing. I’ve got access to the funds and the talent.

Of course you can. I mean, if a total amateur like me can do it, anybody can, right?


Once again, I’m sorry if I upset you. It was not my intention. I just have a bad habit of being too blunt sometimes. I’m not suggesting that its an easy thing to do. Certainly not. And quite frankly, I haven’t finished watching your key note video, so I don’t entirely understand what SOUL is or what its scope is.

Its just that you’re building a general platform that was designed to make it easier to do things as they have been done before. While I am creating a break-away platform that is quite contrarian. And therefore, I have had a bit more freedom to deliberately design things in such a way where my needs for resources is significantly lower than yours.

You’re a brilliant programmer and I have a lot of respect for what you do. But, I already had plans for how to address these things. And therefore, it is actually possible for me to just continue doing it the way I had planned before. I might have run into these problems you speak of, eventually. But I’m building relationships that can address this. As I said, I’m building relationships with academia. And I’m also building relationships in silicon valley.

After having a rough time in the music industry, I just feel that its important to form healthy win-win relationships in the tech industry. And thats all I’m talking about here. Sometimes I feel a sense of hostility especially from London and Europe. And I find more positive experiences collaborating with American companies.

Oh, don’t confuse my British Sarcasm with being upset. I don’t easily get upset :slight_smile:

Sure. I’ve no idea what you’re building. Like I said earlier, if all you need is some basic web-audio in a browser then awesome: the smart plan is definitely to keep things as simple as possible. Good luck!


Sometimes I feel a sense of hostility especially from London and Europe. And I find more positive experiences collaborating with American companies.

I don’t think your tone is helping you much, to be honest. If everyone else is against you, maybe start taking a look at what you’re saying.


I think you need to pay attention to the CONTEXT of what I’m saying. I emailed somebody to thank them and got a cold shoulder. Was the tone of my gratitude negative? You’re just making assumptions based on my reaction and not the complete facts. And besides, if I have to walk on eggshells in order to get positive experiences then that is the definition of a hostile environment. And you’re missing the point. I have repeated over and over that I have options. All your comments do, is push me towards those options

And besides, I never said that the forum was hostile. I was talking about the big companies

Please don’t be quick to judge. Juce is a really safe forum. If you have not worked for yourself and have not educated yourself then you have no idea how hurtful this world can be.
I was stuck at home with a number of kids and a wife whose auto immune system was in shutdown. Stress is the worst thing for someone with an autoimmune disorder. My studio was struggling because someone convinced the world that they didn’t need proper acoustic spaces, all they needed was a plug-in.
I started making my own plug-in not knowing what a pointer was (other than that out of place Asterix) or what the summation symbols before all that weird maths meant. I got a programmer, worked hard and got something going. At this point my family was wondering if they will go hungry because of my stupidity.
Imagine the joy I feel releasing my product only to be torn apart on forums. I, with my little knowledge of ffts, had assumed ffts could not capture a discontinuity in the maths. I was shredded on the forums by my competitors. My programmer quit out of embarrassment. My competitors were inspired to introduce similar shapes into their products. It really is unpleasant when people regurgitate their years of education from their safe jobs to tear you to bits on these forums.
A few years later, my new programmer, a really nice guy and good friend, moved on because my accountant was not very nice. A couple of hundred thousand dollars down the drain and I am nearly there, having starting it all on my own again. Sometimes I will get on a forum to ask a question because I don’t have time to get a degree. Please remember to be gracious to people like me who are feeling a bit tender.
Please don’t be quick to judge.


Sorry about this, I’ve been looking into it and it seems that the email forwarding for that address wasn’t working. It should be set up now and we’ll be able to receive emails at that address going forward. Generally speaking however, the best email to get in contact with is as it’ll get put into a ticket which we can all view.


If you have a great synth and know how to configure it, you get zero artefacts and therefore hypothetically the sounds will be perfect. No EQ required. EQ is like make up.

Lol, wtf are you talking about :rofl: :joy:

I feel like I lost IQ points reading this thread.

You’ve all forgotten that the electric guitar ruined music already. And yes ohh no IG ruined photography, no one can make a living on photography.

What are you guys talking about? Sounds like us audio developers need to get out more lol.

Good luck :heart:


You’re right. My bad. Pink Floyd and Jimi Hendrix ruined music. :joy:

Regarding Instagram, I already addressed that point. If you have a new argument to add, then I’d be glad to debate it, but you’re not saying anything new on that issue.

Lol sorry I had to

Another point I would like to make regarding guitars is that you need to make a distinction between things that might make music subjectively bad in your OPINION. And those which actually make people’s lives and income objectively worse.

These are two different ways of looking at the situation and can sometimes be mutually exclusive. For example, democratisation of music might actually lead to more people making money from music and lead to more people making music you don’t like. One positive thing and one subjectively negative thing.

And instagram did not kill photography. It just made it so that influencers make an enormous amount of money for their photos. So a small elite group of people make tonnes of money. How is that any different to what already exists in the music industry?

From personal experience, the Juce platform has been great, but as a Pro user that has to feed his kids and pay a mortgage from Juce apps, I would be willing to pay more for priority support. When you have thousands of customers on Mac, Windows, and iOS, one Juce bug that is not fixed, can cost you your reputation and is very bad. The forums are good, but I wish there were some sort of priority support for Pro users.

No need to apologise. I get it. I like to debate objective facts on topic, and you like to use as hominem. To each his own.

There already is

I would love to see / listen to what you’re working on. Do you share the link to your app?

I’ll share the link next week. I’m just a little swamped at the moment trying to figure out these new servers