My new modular synth plugin "blocks" is available free for mac users!

Download here!

I’ve finally managed to make a deliverable version of my new plugin blocks !

blocks is a polyphonic modular synth which consists of a grid to which you add blocks. Want to add modulation? just drag a modulator block to the desired parameter slider! Want to add effects? Place an effect block below your desired source (audio flows down!).

here’s a demonstration I posted here a couple of weeks ago.

My goal was to create a simple, intuitive and user-friendly approach to synthesis, encouraging making your own patches instead of using presets. I also wanted to explore a more “horizontal” approach for patch design. Want to have a super saw lead with square wave delay? Place a delay block solely below a square oscillator block and set its mix to 100!

blocks is available as 64 bit VST3, AU and standalone. Keep in mind that it’s in an early beta stage and not very stable. If you enjoy using it and want to get quick updates, sharing feedback on issues you stumble upon would be appreciated :slight_smile:

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