Naming doubt, take a minute and vote the poll!

Hi all jucers,

I am searching a good name for a widget that does the following: with each click on it, it selects the following value in a discrete list of possible “Modes” (for example, a list with waveform shapes: Square, Sine, Triangular, etc.), wrapping back to the beginning of the list when it reaches its end.

I don’t know if there is a “canonical” name for such a control, if so please tell me.

Otherwise, I came up with a few names but cannot really decide on it, so… why not try the cool polling feature of the forum :smile:?

Also, feel free to post your thoughts or proposals

  • SpinButton
  • NudgeButton
  • BumpButton
  • IncrementButton
  • IterateButton
  • NextValueButton

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StepButton as another option?

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Ah dang, that’s another good suggestion, pity I can’t add it to the poll after the first 5 minutes

IncrementButton is closest but my thought was that you’re using it for something in a sequence, not necessarily incrementing in value…

I like SpinButton. Perhaps FlipButton would be cool too :slight_smile: